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Rubbish snow

Rubbish snow


I work near Coventry and for some reason it always misses out on the worst of the snowfall. At least, it has for the last few years.

This winter, while large parts of the UK having been buried under literally millimetres of snow, Coventry has hardly seen a flake.

This was the scene earlier today at work. It was hardly worth the effort Mr Snowman. Still, at least it’s pretty.

Having said all that my Mother-in-law (in Coventry) has texted to say that it’s snowing there at the moment. It’s snowing here in Beeston too. We’ll see if the snow is deep enough in the morning to make excuses at work…

  1. We woke to nearly ten inches this morning and it’s not often in this life that you can say that, is it ?

    Snowed in here, down in the Cotswolds

  2. I bet that brought a smile to your face 🙂

    As usual most of the snow in the East Midlands has past us by, though more snow expected this weekend I think

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