Rubber Face

Rubber Face

Originally uploaded by rutty.

My name is Dave and I’m a Flickrholic.

That’s right, I just can’t help myself. I’ve been a user for a few years now. It just started out as a bit of fun, something to do with your mates when you were bored. I met some nice people and we had a high old time looking at each others’ pictures.

Then I started to use it more and more. I became a “pro” user so that I could upload more often and get more hits. I joined loads of groups and met more people, all like me, all wanting more and more.

Now it’s getting out of hand. I spend all day using Flickr, I just can’t help myself. My other activities are starting to suffer! I stay up all night to see if I’ve had any more hits or garnered some more comments. I can’t stop taking photographs of myself either – click, click, click all the time. I can’t help it!

Oh well, at least it keeps me off the drink and drugs eh?


Tall. Likes brass bands. Tests your software

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  1. Looking at that photo it’s nice to see you back at work with Johnny Vegas advertising PG Tips

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