Rosie needs your help

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I am a tester. I test software for a living, but I inevitably can’t help but test just about everything that comes my way. I wonder how things work – or, more likely, wonder why something was made that way. I internally correct other people’s grammar (even though mine isn’t exactly perfect) and get quite grumpy when ‘Enterprise’ software works like a dog.

I love testing and being a tester. I tried my hand at software development, and while I can write code I know where my strengths lie. I like testing so much that I regularly attend testing events in Nottingham, constantly read testing-related blogs and articles and try my best to help along other testers. I’ve still got a lot to learn about my trade, but the testing community is particularly good at helping each other, with a number of excellent resource sites and one particularly good tester community site, The Software Testing Club.

Rosie Sherry runs this site, along with a sister site that is aimed at tester training. There is all sorts of good stuff on there – it’s called The Ministry of Testing – and it’s worth the money to go ‘Pro’ and do some learning’ a-plenty.

However, Rosie is getting rather snowed under with stuff and needs the testing community’s help to grow this network. Have a read of her article ‘I Need Your Help‘ and see if you can do something.

Every time I try to decide how to best to grow this thing then I can’t help, but go back to how I need to work with the community.  However, now I need to do it in a more intense and focused way.

So, I’m on the hunt for Creators.  If you have projects, ideas, articles, meetups, events, videos or any other stuff that you would like to see happen then I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU.  Also, we have lots of things that we’d like to see happen so we’ll constantly be pitching ideas and opportunities.

Want to help? Give her a shout!

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