Robert Jordan

One of my favourite authors, Robert Jordan, has been diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease called amyloidosis says

He’s written the expansive fantasy series The Wheel of Time, something that I’ve been reading for what seems decades. Whatever happens, I really, really want him to finish off that series although after ten volumes so far you really have to wonder how many more he’s intending to write (apparently only up to twelve).

Everybody knows or has heard of someone who was told they had five years to live, only that was twenty years ago and here they guy is, still around and kicking. I mean to beat him. I sat down and figured out how long it would take me to write all of the books I currently have in mind, without adding anything new and without trying rush anything. The figure I came up with was thirty years. Now, I’m fifty-seven, so anyone my age hoping for another thirty years is asking for a fair bit, but I don’t care. That is my minimum goal. I am going to finish those books, all of them, and that is that.

I hope he beats that number of years and continues to write his books. His novel jackets all state that he intends to “write until they nail down the lid on my coffin”. Let’s hope that that day isn’t soon.

Get well soon.

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