Rhinos are the world best

Rhinos rule the worldI’m dead chuffed at the moment. I’ve been a Leeds Rhinos fan for quite some time. Being brought up in Headingley meant that I got to go and see a few games when I was younger and I got to prefer League over union. Leeds were probably the second best team in the 80s (contentious!) behind the domineering Wigan team that seemed to win everything. For a number of years now Leeds have been the “nearly man”, always seeming to choke on the big occasion.

Well, that didn’t happen last season. Leeds were by far the most consistent team in the Super League and thoroughly deserved their victory over Bradford in the Grand Final. Now to top it all off Leeds won the Carnegie World Club Challenge against the Canterbury Bulldogs to earn their place in history as the best team in the world, at the moment at least.

I’m proud of those boys *sniff*

Now, if they’ll be able to get anywhere near the same form this coming season then I’ll be as happy as Larry, whoever Larry is.

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