Return to reality

Nottingham doesn’t seem too exciting now that I’m back here from Toronto, but here I am. Slightly jet-lagged and still lacking my usual appetite but back at the ranch so to speak.

It’s always a bit of a comedown coming back from a holiday but this time it’s a bit worse than I’ve had previously. I’ve had such quality time with my sister, nieces and brother-in-law and I’m going to miss them terribly until they come over here next year. I’ve especially enjoyed “reading” to my youngest niece J who seemed to particularly love the company of her Uncle Davey. Eldest niece H is a bit of a mummy’s girl and has developed quite a personality – as she was at pre-school such a lot as well we didn’t have as much time together as I had with J, but we got on well enough. I also only went out on the town with my sis twice while I was there – I’ll definately do that a few more times on my next visit.

The biggest reality check for me today though was when I signed into MSN Messenger this afternoon. I’d had some terrible news while I was away – a friend of mine from band had tragically died suddenly – and she was still there on my contacts list. “Brown Eyed Girl” was shown as “offline”. I’m going to her funeral tomorrow morning. It’s bloody sad.

Oh well. I have so many things going on in my life to be happy about at the moment, even if there are other things that might make it taste sour for a while. Life is generally good, very good in fact.

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