Return of the pie

We’ve been eating mostly healthy food over the last several months and so a previous staple of my diet has mostly disappeared: pies.

I love pies – savoury or sweet. They’re the pinnacle of pastry-topped food and I love them. I just haven’t been eating them very much recently.

However, I managed to revisit Pie Heaven today during a visit to the rather excellent Bottle Kiln. This is a lovely old pottery that’s been turned into an artsy shop with a café and Japanese garden. The menu is very simple, and a little expensive, but delicious. I had a large slice of ambrosia topped with shortcrust pastry – an utterly delicious pie with pork, stuffing, leek and apple. I even had the mixed salad – it was lovely and I normally hate salad!

Jo and I needed cheering up today and this was just the ticket. A little bit of luxury.

I’m not clairvoyant but I’m not seeing too many pies in my immediate future. It matters not, though, as I can still taste this one. Lovely.

By rutty

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  1. Welcome back Mr Pieman, sorry to learn you and Jo needed cheering up but at least it was a good excuse to get piefaced once more

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