I’ve had a very band-oriented day today. Considering the fact that it was a bank holiday you’d think I’d be enjoying the country side or something and drinking beer. But no, I was playing my cornet, as shown below:

Ransome Band

The Ransome Band were short of a few players so I helped them out, playing out of position on 3rd cornet. I was completely lost on some pieces as I’m not used to playing that low, and as Ransomes are a possibly the finest brass band in Nottinghamshire they had some challenging music in their pads. I had a blast though – it was a real pleasure to play with such a good band.

I actually played two concerts with them today. The first one was at the MacArthur Glenn retail place near Mansfield (as shown in the photo) and the second was at a “Brass Explosion” just outside Newark Castle that involved Land of Hope and Glory (accompanied by fireworks) and also a piece that required me to sing (Hello Dolly). I think I should stick to playing my instrument.

There were lots of people around at both events, and the crowd at the later one (it finished at about ten o’clock) had a very enthusiastic crowd, and possibly the largest number of people I’ve ever played to.

Lots of fun, but not enough beer. Hmmm, beer.

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  1. Hi David, I also had a less beery bank holiday too as I ended up playing at a friend’s wedding. Don’t think the guests knew what had hit them when we started playing Amarillo and La Bamba! At least they got into the swing of it. There can’t be many weddings you got to where you can say that you were dancing to the sound of a brass band!

    Cheers, Greg.

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