Ragnaros at last


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Some games get a little addictive. I suppose you could say that I’m just a little bit addicted to World of Warcraft.

I’ve been playing this thing for over 2 years now – I started in the Beta stages of the game’s development too – and I just can’t seem to stop playing it. I love it to bits so I always look forward to logging in and being a Troll for a few hours.

It’s almost like I’m refusing to grow up or something. Not that this is unusual for a bloke of my age.

I have plenty of other things going on in my life that prevent me from playing WoW 24/7. Obviously I have to go to work every so often and I also have band practice and performances that mean I’m regularly blowing my horn rather than shooting things with bows. My girlfriend might (just might!) be considered slightly more important that the game too.

This has all meant that I’ve had to remain a casual player all this time. Just about everyone I know in-game has levelled faster than me and gone on to find better gear and go to the most dangerous places in Azeroth. I’ve been unable to apply for the end-game raiding guilds that do all the hardest, and best, content as I couldn’t honestly spend enough time playing to make it worthwhile. I’ve been happily spending my time in small guilds and enjoying the quests and dungeons that I could get into.

However, over the last few months things have been a bit different. My current realm, The Venture Co, is a Roleplaying server (sad, I know, but I enjoy it!) and there’s an RP Raiding community there called the Plunda Klub that recruit players from small, RP guilds so that even casual players can enjoy the end-game content. This wonderful community has really upped my enjoyment of the game and I’ve been enjoying raiding the 20-man dungeons fairly regularly when my shifts allow.

We’ve been so successful with recruiting that we’ve managed to get enough players together to have a go at Molten Core, the first 40-man dungeon in-game. I’d never been here before last month and we had another go at it last night.

On my only third ever trip in Molten Core we took done the second-hardest boss – Majordomo Executus. It was tricky for the first few goes, but when we got it right we finished that battle with only two men down. It was a great fight and I’m sure that we’ll find it easier next time.

It was getting late and a few people had to leave, but we decided to have one go at the final, most difficult boss – Ragnaros. I’d never fought him before and I was really looking forward to seeing him in the flesh (or rather, pixels) for the first time.

Bloody hell, he is HUGE! You can maybe see in the screenshot how big he is compared to the players behind him. He’s also a little difficult to take down and we were subjected to a major beatdown. It was worth the repair costs just to see him in action.

We need to get some more Fire Resist gear before we really have a chance against him, but fight him again we will. Then, onwards and upwards to the harder dungeons that have appeared since, although I suspect that we may end up spending as much time as we can levelling up once the expansion, The Burning Crusade, comes out next month.

Roll on the Outlands!

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