General Chunterings

Quiet around here

I’ve not been blogging much recently. I suppose this is down to a combination of things – I’ve been busy at work (yes, really) which kind of cuts down on my blogging time. I’ve been banding a lot recently seeing as I’ve been helping out Ibstock Brick Brass and I’ve generally not been too inclined to post much in general.

Diablo II has been taking up much of my evening too – I love that game, shame it also shows me to be a sad geek 😉

I’ve also not changed the templates on this site at all from the default (me == lazy shit) which I need to do, plus I’ve still over a year’s worth of archives to restore. Maybe I should be getting on with that too…

Oh well, free day today. I’d best do something useful. Diablo it is then…

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