General Chunterings Is this supposed to be good for you?

Puff. Pant. Bugger.

This week I have mostly been exercising. Yes, that’s right. I’ve actually got off my lazy arse and gone running rather than maintaining my usual stationary posture.

My first run was on Tuesday and I decided that I should only really go for a short one and build up to running a decent distance. Previous efforts where I’ve plodded around Beeston for three miles have resulted in pre-death rigor mortis that lasted for the rest of the week. It turned out to be a good decision – I was only mildly stiff yesterday.

So, this evening I get home and my housemate Antje is wanting to go for a run, and I agree to go with her. She likes to run around Wollaton Park lake, which is really nice and not too far. We drive there and set off on a very gentle jog (she’s very slow). We get about ten yards and we end up in a rainstorm of Biblical proportions. I’m surprised that there weren’t any frogs in there.

It abated after a few minutes with the odd little shower thrown in to keep us under the trees. The wind was pretty strong and the rain kind of stung as it hit me, but it soon blew over and we were able to jog around the lake without fear of drowning while stood up.

While we were over the other side of the lake the sun came out. The sky was really dramatic – lots of angry clouds still and a lovely rainbow. It would have made a fantastic photograph but sadly my camera was left at home. Bugger.

Anyway, once we were on the home stretch I sprinted off up the hill and towards the exit, which turned out to be much further than I thought. I was knackered by the time I got there but still beat Antje back by about five minutes. A sprinter she isn’t.

It was much nicer running round there so I’m sure to go back and do it again. I may even drag my housemates around Attenborough Nature Reserve too – that’s a lovely run around there, if a little long.

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