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Public Service Announcement

I feel it is my duty to report that there is a potentially serious risk to your personal well-being should you decide to drink New Zealand Red wine after several pints of Guinness. Attempting to walk home from town (at least 8 miles), sore calves, nausea and waking up at 2am fully clothed on top of your bed may result from such activity.

This warning is probably also suitable for other types of wine. Be careful out there.

  1. There are similar issues with too much vodka except you wake up fully clothed, sweaty and not on your bed….

    be careful

  2. This is very true, however I have also discovered yet another drawback to the Guinness/Red wine combination. I have vague memories of giving some cash to a tramp (that’s a vagrant to those in the States) and I have since found a copy of The Big Issue in my jacket pocket.

    At least I did my bit for the homeless, but I was down £1.60. This isn’t so bad considering I saved £1.20 on the BFH (Bus Fare Home).

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