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I’m a late starter for this (I’m only on my 6th donation) but I’m really pleased that I managed to pluck up the courage to donate blood.

I don’t know why I baulked at it before. Actually, I do: they stick a big needle in your arm and drain 470ml of blood out of you! However, once you do it once you find that the whole process is quite relaxed and it doesn’t really hurt much at all.

“Just a sharp scratch” as they say.

I have good veins and they never fail to get the needle straight in. So far I’ve not fainted, nor fountained claret all over the donation centre.

The last few donations I’ve done in the blood service mobile van. This will be the last time at Ansty, seeing as there’ll be 350 less people around come the next visit. I’m sure I’ve mentioned the reason why that is a few times…

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