Pretty in pink

For years and years I’ve been trying to avoid ever wearing anything pink. I’m a Yorkshireman, and us Yorkies don’t wear pink. Pink is for girls.

However, yesterday I broke that trend. I found a nice shirt to wear for a night out and it was pink. It was also reduced in price which pandered to my Yorkshire sensibilities, even if the colour didn’t. It even came with a free pink tie to match with the pinkness. You know what? I looked bloody gorgeous! Well, for me.

I’m not going to buy anything else pink now though. I think that one pink shirt is my full pinky quota. I can’t cope with any more pinkness.

The whole point of wearing a shirt and tie was to go to a fantastic restaurant down my road, called La Toque. The food there was bloody amazing – quite expensive and in the usual French small portions, but well worth the visit. I’ve not tasted food as good as that in a long time.

And I was wearing a pink shirt too.

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