Possibly racist joke

An Englishman, Welshman and West Indian are in hospital, waiting for their wives to give birth. There is quite a bit of pacing up and down when the nurse comes out and happily announces that they are all fathers of bouncing baby boys.

“There’s just one problem” she says. “Because they were all born at the same time we got the tags mixed up and we don�t know which baby belongs to whom. Would you, as their fathers, mind coming to identify them?” The men agree and walk into the delivery room and look at the babies.

Immediately the Englishman stoops down and picks up the black baby. “Yes, this is definitely my baby” he says confidently.

“Um, excuse me” says the West Indian “but I think it’s fairly obvious that this is my son.”

The Englishman pulls him aside and says, “I see where you’re coming from mate but one of these babies is Welsh and I’m not prepared to take the risk”

  1. I told Al this joke some time back only I made it Yorkshire, not Welsh, and he hardly cracked a smile. I do wonder why 😉

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