Poor Sten

A little while ago I removed a Movable Type plugin that required commenters to enter a short word (a captcha or however you spell it) in order to filter out spammers. Unfortunately this plugin caused all sorts of errors to appear in my activity log and as Movable Type has some half-decent anti-spam measures anyway I figured I could easily get away with taking it out.

I’ve added Askimet to the anti-spam toolbox too. It’s all working quite well. I hardly ever get spam comments through and most end up in the Junk folder. Out of the several hundred spam messages attempted by these idiots I get maybe 1 or 2 a week that slip through, usually when Askimet crashes for some reason.

These spam scripts are spectacularly unintelligent and very persistent. They don’t vary the messages a huge amount and many have malformed URLs that wouldn’t work even if they did manage to get posted.

One such spammer uses the name “Sten” in countless thousands of failed comments. Poor Sten has been through a rough time going by the rather depressing messages he/she/it leaves:

My life’s been pretty dull recently. Shrug. My mind is like a void. I haven’t gotten anything done lately. I can’t be bothered with anything recently.

Can’t be bothered with anything other than filling up my junk folder apparently. I just deleted 782 messages from the junk folder, half of which were from Sten. Poor, poor Sten.

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