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Pontins, Prestatyn

Over the last few weeks I’ve been spending some of my spare evenings rehearsing with a second band, Ibstock Brick Brass, due to my appearance within their ranks at this years Pontins contest in Prestatyn.

My own band weren’t going this year so I jumped at the chance to go with another. We’ll be playing Philip Sparke’s excellent London Overture tomorrow sometime, then there may be a short visit to the bar where much liquid will be consumed.

This is a great contest usually, though it’s more of a social event than anything else. I reckon it must be the most lucrative weekend of the whole year for Pontins what with the whole place being packed out with boozy brass banders drinking the place dry.

I apologise in advance if I get pissed and upset someone by being rude or offensive. I really can’t handle my beer 😉

  1. There’s only one piece that beats London Overture and that’s Partita (oh, and Year of the Dragon, and Harmony Music!). Sparkey is the best. Sorry shan’t be there to give everyone an eyeful this year!!! 😉 Have fun!!!!

  2. Yes, Thai food has the same effect, but caused by spicy food exiting the anus, rather than something entering the anus.

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