Pontins, Prestatyn

Over the last few weeks I’ve been spending some of my spare evenings rehearsing with a second band, Ibstock Brick Brass, due to my appearance within their ranks at this years Pontins contest in Prestatyn.

My own band weren’t going this year so I jumped at the chance to go with another. We’ll be playing Philip Sparke’s excellent London Overture tomorrow sometime, then there may be a short visit to the bar where much liquid will be consumed.

This is a great contest usually, though it’s more of a social event than anything else. I reckon it must be the most lucrative weekend of the whole year for Pontins what with the whole place being packed out with boozy brass banders drinking the place dry.

I apologise in advance if I get pissed and upset someone by being rude or offensive. I really can’t handle my beer 😉

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