Pissed as a fart

Oh my God, I’m so bloody inebriated! I’ve been out on the town with my sister Julie, and I’m well pissed. We’ve been to the Gull and Firkin in Toronto tonight and I’ve been sampling a fantastic selection of Canadian beers.

First off was Hoegaarden which is actually Belgian. I’ve never drunk this before, and I’m presently typing very slowly to make sure that there aren’t too many mistakes in here, but this beer is actually pretty gorgeous, though not very Canadian.

Next was Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale which was rather bloody tasty, thank you. Followed by Canadian Ale and Moosehead. I like to drink the local beers and these seemed pretty bloody local to me.

I then had a pint of some Canadian beer who’s name I can’t remember. Bloody hell, my finger’s don’t work. Plus a couple of other pints of domestic (to Canada) beer.

I’m very pissed.

I had a really good conversation with my sister (who is going to be particularly inebriated tomorrow (shit, this is proving hard to type) plus some guy called Vince, who turned out to be in the same industry as me. We exchanged email addresses, so we’ll see if I ever hear from him again.

Bollocks, I’m as pissed as a fart. Hope this works out OK. HTML isn’t my strong point, especially under the influence….

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