This is my first test post with an interesting looking plugin called Performancing.

It’s an interesting concept. It enables you to set up in-browser blogging for a number of popular blogging tools, including my Movable Type installation. It does this by separating out the browser window into two frames, as you maybe be able to see in the image that you can hopefully see on the right there. You can maintain your current browser window so that you can cut and paste as you see fit with the minimum of effort.

It has a nice little interface, but I’m having some difficulty with formatting. You can either use the rich editing interface or edit the source directly, but the live preview seems to have problems showing the page as intended. The image insert also doesn’t allow positioning elements, so I’ve had to do that manually, but once again it’s not showing at all in the preview (I just get the alt information).

It also took me a while to figure out how to set up my API information. It’s not described too well on the performancing website and the auto-configure wouldn’t work on my blog. It took a quick Google before I found how to get my Movable Type API password setup too.

I suppose I won’t know if it works until I press “publish”, so here we go. I’ll add some more text at the end once I see what it looks like.

powered by performancing firefox


Well that seemed to work OK all told. I’ve just noticed that I could have selected my category from the performancing interface before publishing, so I’ll do that next time.

I’m not entirely convinced that I’ll benefit too greatly by using this than the default Movable Type backend. It’s just as easy to log straight in there and use that. Still, it’s another toy to play with.

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