PC World = shite

I’ve been looking for a 4-port USB2 PCI card this week and I thought I’d just pop down to PC World to see what they had. I’ve been buying loads from the internet recently and sometimes it’s nice to actually go to a shop.

What a waste of pissing time.

They had a few packs of USB PCI cards, some in kits bundled with hubs, some just as they are, and the cheapest I could find on the shelf was this 3-port (2 external, 1 internal) – for £29.99! Next door is Maplins, and there weren’t much better either. Rip off!

I’ve found a decent one from ebuyer.co.uk for £6.54! Plus, it has FOUR external ports in it. I’m not leaving the house to go shopping for PC gear ever again, there’s just no point at all.

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