I’ve spent most of this afternoon partying on down in the delightful Ontario town of Newmarket. A few buds and I had a ball, drinking, eating and generally having a whole load of fun at the birthday bash for one year-old Liam. Well, there was a pretty decent chilli and cold beer, I was alright. My sister and brother in-law took me over to one of their friend’s houses for this party. There were lots of young kids there (believe it or not, I am safe to be left alone with children) with their parents, most of which seemed to be Scottish for some reason. There were a couple of “proper” Canadians (one was a “Newfie”) but most were ex-pats. Even one of the supposed Canadians was from the Czech Republic originally. The beer was cold, mainly because it was kept outside. In fact, they had to bring it back inside again because it was getting too cold. The temperature outside was possibly the coldest weather I have ever experienced – approaching minus 20 degrees Celsius! With wind chill configured into the equation, the Ontario region is supposedly going to experience temperatures approaching -35 tomorrow – I might just stay in all day. Newmarket had had a pretty decent drop of snow too, unlike Toronto which is pretty much snow-free at the moment. It’s only a 30 minute drive up the expressway, but the more Northern towns always get a much harsher drop of snow when it arrives. I think that the lakes keep the worst of it away from the big city. I’m having a great holiday over here. It’s such a fantastic country and I’m having the first quality time with my sister for years and years. I’ve fallen for my nieces, but I wouldn’t want to keep them or have any of my own – I found it a little disconcerting when the youngest one deposited some of her breakfast in my lap this morning. I had a pretty invigourating conversation with my youngest niece today. It went like this: Me: “Unc” Niece: “Unc” Me: “Unc” Niece: “Unc” Me: “Unc” Niece: “Unc” Me: “Unc” Niece: “Unc” etc, etc. That’s the only word she can say and she really means “Uncle Davey”. Take that sis!


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