Do people still have websites? Well, I do and this is mine. It’s not the best website on the Internet – or the most frequently updated – but it’s a thing I like to add words and photos to. Do have a look, won’t you?

Here is a selection of some of my stuff. Maybe you’ll like it.

Dave Rutt. Proprietor

Dave Rutt

Test Analyst and Occasional Blogger

This is what a testimonial would look like if I had any

13/1/2018 #didgotospecsavers

Adding shade with Apollo

I have recently installed a new iOS image editing app called Apollo: Immersive Illumination. It enables you to add in extra lighting onto your photos
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Let’s try lots of blocks

Gutenberg is here and I have no idea how some of the new features work, so let’s see what they look like when you add them to a post. This first
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Adding YouTube videos

Do They Know This Agile Thing? 2018 | Band Aid ParodyJust trying out the YouTube embed feature with this Agile-based bit of Christmas fun. You’r
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Updated to WordPress 5.0

OK, so who’s idea was it to release the new version of WordPress this close to Christmas? WordPress 5.0 is the first major change in the bloggin
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Oh Flickr

I have been a Flickr user for what seems decades. I joined at some point in 2005 (an age ago in Internet terms). Flickr was the only decent place to s
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Family by rutty, on Flickr

Holidays on the Kerry coast

Jo and I have some incredible friends. I’ve been very, very lucky over the years to have met some of the nicest people around, whether during my
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25/1/2018 Fat Curk

25/1/2018 Fat Curk

25/1/2018 Fat Curk by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA I don’t drink Coke very often, but when I do I make sure it is fully leaded, none of t
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