Black Pudding

I’ve had some black pudding over the weekend – it’s a bit of an acquired taste, but it was lovely in with my bacon and tomato sandwich. Who’d have thought that congealed pigs’ blood could..


I’m still of the opinion that boobies are the greatest thing on God’s Earth. When He was creating everything, those babies were his finest triumph. That is all for today.

w.bloggar installed

I’ve just installed w.bloggar as recommended by The Geek. I’m actually using it to make this post, so we’ll see if it works or not eh? It’s a rather smart-looking blogging client that runs from..

Most Haunted Series Four – #4

This week the “intrepid” crew visited Croxteth Hall in Merseyside. It’s an impressive building, the biggest one that Most Haunted have ever visited, and so they had to spread themselves out a bit to cover..

Mute Tourettes Appeal

Thanks to Shelley for emailing me this one…. Mute Tourettes Syndrome has long been in the shadow of its more famous sister-disease, ‘Tourettes Syndrome’, and although much rarer, is even more tragic in its consequences…


I’ve just spent the Easter weekend at my mum’s. Bless my old Stepdad, but he’s clueless about internet things, and with my sister living in Canada he’s keen to get a webcam working so we..

The park’s flooded – what do you do?

Thanks to Matt at tMP for this one. The Hormone Hostage knows that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his very..

Most Haunted Series Four – #3

Last night’s episode was set at Jamaica Inn, one of the more famous landmarks for a while. It’s a lovely old building with a history of numerous hauntings. Happily, the crew had much to discover..

Thank you British Gas

I see a lot of customer complaints bandied about, so I thought I’d let my hundreds of readers know about some good service that we’ve had recently. Our boiler went kaput on Monday Night –..

Dopey Bugger

I’ve been suffering lately from Dozey Shit Syndrome. Yesterday, after making some sandwiches for my lunch, I put the plate on the couch while I turned the TV on. I had a newspaper on the..