Linux installed – again!

I can’t help myself sometimes but I can’t help but fiddle with stuff. I wanted more space for the root partition on my Mandrake installation and I figured that I could probably steal some more from my Windows partition. Well, after deleting about 1GB of files, including many unused applications and a few “educational” videos […]


I’ve just spent Sunday evening down at the church, and I really enjoyed myself. My band Carlton Brass were playing at Carlton Pentecostal Church, which is an establishment that has had some visits from our band before. Tonight’s event was a kind of celebration of St. George’s day (two days later) and general worship type […]


Well, The Arse are Premiership champions for 2003/2004, and deservedly so. They’ve been utterly amazing through most of this season, and as a Leeds fan (even though I’m supposed to hate their guts) they bloody well deserve it. No-one has come close to them at all this season. Now, if only half their team would […]

Fear Factory

They were once thought to be dead and buried, a once great band that spearheaded the more modern noises made by Metal acts. The big guy on guitar left and everyone thought that that was that. Not so, they have a new album out soon (if not already) and I’m interested. My fave rock magazine, […]

Linux, alive and well

Well, having found the faults causing me some concern with Mandrake 10.0, I’m now fully operational, well apart from the webcam not being supported. Mandrake caused two issues with the upgrade/install. It chose the wrong driver for the sound card (should have used the so-called alternate driver) and it chose the correct driver for the […]

Stupid Sound Card!

Bah! I installed Mandrake 10.0 last night. I decided that I’d be better off going for a clean install, seeing as I didn’t have anything I really needed to keep on the previous 9.2 version, and it didn’t go quite as well as planned. For some reason the soundcard driver doesn’t want to work properly […]

Farting with Confidence

I’m feeling much, much better today. After yesterdays potential brown trousers incident, I’m pleased to announce that the Pepto-Bismol succeeded in bunging me up and relieving my nausea. I’m actually rather hungry right now, which is a good sign. I’m always a little distressed when I go off my food, because I enjoy eating – […]

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