Most Haunted Series Four – #8

This week’s venue: Wellington Hotel in Cornwall. Not much happening again this week, what with Derek’s failure to become possessed or even many meaningful discoveries, but this episode was at least entertaining. The high points..

Poorly sick

I’ve been off work today for only the second time in about five years. I couldn’t sleep at all last night for some reason – I felt like I had constant indigestion or something –..

Meatball Sub part 2

My influence knows no bounds. I was chatting to the owner of local sarnie emporium Megacobs about favourite sandwiches, and I brought up that my absolutely favourite sarnie of all time is the Meatball Sub..

Attention Cat Owners

Those of you that own cats should be aware that behind that cute exterior lies an evil shitting machine. For every sappy woman stroking her pussy and cooing there’s an irate gardener with cat shit..

Ageism stinks

I’ve been looking for some temporary accomodation recently and went round to look at a house in Beeston last Friday. It’s a house-share thing with three rooms, only one of which is occupied at the..

I like meat

On friday night I was lucky enough to win the “Meat Raffle” in the pub after band. This meant that I won a bag full of Mixed Grill for my £1 wager. Today I tasted..

Microsoft thoughts

You know, it’s hardly suprising that Microsoft have so many detractors. Sure, they’ve produced a user-friendly desktop environment that’s used by about 90% of the known universe, so they’re doing something right. It’s just that..

Most Haunted Series 4 – #7

This week’s episode saw the team return to Edinburgh to explore Mary King’s Close, a collection of streets and houses since built over since the plague struck in the 17th Century. The place looked really..


Yesterday I played in a brass band contest in Buxton with my band Carlton Brass. We played Hollywood by composer Goff Richards, and won second prize behind hot favourites Diggle. As you can see, by..

Jessica Anne

Welcome to the world Jessica Anne, my new niece! Isn’t she just lovely? Mother and baby are doing fine, sister Hannah seems rather pleased with the new addition, although I’m not entirely sure how long..