This isn’t an update. This is just to say that I know I’m being slack at updating this site at the moment, and that I’ll get back to posting my usual pile of shite soon…

I like a good pork…

…roast! Just as well that I won the meat raffle in the Fox and Hounds last Friday – again! This is the third time in about 6 weeks that I’ve been lucky enough to buy..

New Home

I’ve just moved my stuff into a new house. After my recent separation from my wife, I’ve been staying with some friends and have led a slightly nomadic life over the last two months or..

One down, 53,982,881,352,471 (approx) to go

I witnessed a cat getting run over yesterday. Maybe it survived, maybe it didn’t. Shame.


At the moment I have some nice grazes on my knees and elbows and I’m stiff all over. Sadly, this wasn’t due to having some energetic sex with a sexy nymphomaniac on a nylon carpet..

Whit Marches

Tomorrow sees me donning band uniform and marching through the streets of Lancashire playing with my band Carlton Brass for the annual march contest event. We’ll be playing a couple of amusing ditties on the..

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, where are my bloody cards eh? 😉 So, I’m 35 today. This isn’t actually that ancient, but I’m considering the evidence: Grey hair – some but, check! Hair growing out of nose/ears – trimmed..

Blacklist updated

I’m a big fan of Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist plugin for Movable Type. It’s a wonderful way of keeping out spammers from leaving your site comments full of shite links to casino sites or worse. In..

Cheap Beer

I like beer. I’ve never been much of a big boozer, but I do enjoy the occasion pint of whatever takes my fancy, usually bitter. At the weekend I decided that Guinness was my tipple..

Steak and Stilton

Yet another food-related entry… My local eatery Megacobs has been having a lot of specials on recently. There’s a good chance that I even started this trend by saying to the owner Rachel that should..