I’ve just installed the latest version of Opera on my Ubuntu installation. In 8.5 they’ve removed all the ads for the first time and made Opera completely free! Naturally, as a Yorkshireman I appreciate such generosity and so I’ve downloaded it forthwith.

I installed it on Ubuntu by using the official Wiki. It was spectacularly easy using the instructions from there, and Opera even provide a .deb version just for Ubuntu users, which is rather excellent of them I think. Ubuntu is growing in popularity and it deserves the support of developers.

Anyway, I’m currently typing this out in Opera. Things do look slightly different. The earlier versions of Opera that I’ve used before always seemed to display things slightly differently to both Firefix and IE. Well, all the browsers do this so it’s difficult to say which one’s right, but the overall feel of Opera is very nice. It’s always been a well contructed and designed browser with loads of innovative features, so I’ll be giving it a bit of a try out in place of Firefox for a while.

Give it a go – there’s even a version for those that still insist on using Windows…

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