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OI, you in the blue shirt

OI, you in the blue shirt

OI, you in the blue shirt, originally uploaded by rutty.

Bank Holiday Monday eh?

Rather than dancing around a maypole we decided to visit a local car boot sale. Well, it was more of a jumble sale (it was indoors) but you get the drift.

We’re keen to get Ruby lots of nice things but finances are tight and we can’t justify spending oodles of cash on new toys. So, we visit the odd charity shop and now this jumble sale.

It’s amazing what crap people try and sell. It’s even more incredible the rubbish people are prepared to buy. For instance, I was tempted by an aged ohmmeter. I don’t even need to measure the resistance of anything – it was just a nice, old instrument.

We did manage to find some really nice (and cheap) toys for our girl. It beats buying them new, for sure.

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