Oh, the beauty of it all.

Mahler’s Symphony Number 2 was utterly wonderful. There just aren’t enough superlatives to describe how wonderful the whole things was.

Birmingham Symphony Hall is acoustically perfect. You can hear a pin drop on stage from any seat in the theatre and the CBSO sounded magnificent. The person dropping their keys on the floor from across the hall was quite audible too, though thankfully there wasn’t much noise going on from the audience to spoil the performance at all. There were several points where I had a massive grin on my face and I was close to tears during the finalé.

It was close to perfection. I found a couple of the conductors tempos to be a bit strange, especially during some of the louder passages. He seemed to take off like a train, but these were only minor points and the overall picture he painted of the masterpiece was truly remarkable. The 90 minute symphony simply flew past.

Luckily for those that weren’t at the concert BBC Radio 3 were there to record it and you can listen to the whole thing on 21st March at 19:30. Tune in and learn what genius sounds like.

It wasn’t just Mahler last night. There was a really entertaining performance of a Thea Musgrave piece called Concerto for Orchestra which involved the clarinet starting a musical revolt against the conductor. It was a bit bizarre but I loved it. She was even there to enjoy the performance herself.

I shall be keeping an eye out for when the CBSO are going to be performing more Mahler. I will most definately be back.

By rutty

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  1. Oh hello, I just noticed the Mahler fandom going on here. I conducted him in some concerts at the Liverpool phil, dontcha know. I’d also say I’m so obsessed with Mahler that I would fly out and steal his body, propping it up in the living room with a nice cup of tea.


  2. Hi fella!

    I must admit, I’d probably come round to your house to touch him if you did all that. He’s far and away my favourite composer and his stuff stirs parts of me that no other can reach. Pure genius.

    You’ve certainly got a bit of a mixed CV going there. Just read your bio.

    Oh, and for some reason your comment got junked by Spamlookup in my MT installation. It’s funny considering the nature of your site! It’s shown as “domain ‘vitalsecurity.org’ found on service blue-search.net” – not sure why but you’re not the first recent comment to show up like that this week. That’s three legitimate comments that have been incorrectly flagged.

    That is, unless your site deserves to be there of course ;p

  3. That’s pretty weird about the domain. And yeah, my CV is all over the place. At one point I was doing Shakespeare for a theatre company….long story. I was great at comedy pratfalls (not that there are many in Shakey!)

    As for Mahler, I remember they were going to do the whole cycle in Liverpool some years back, only to stop at about number Six. They then got confused as to how many they’d got up to, before promptly redoing the first five in no logical order about ten times.


    Best live performance I ever heard was number 3 – absolutely stunning. Would’ve been number two, but right before the chorus entry, some old guy fell off his chair near the front and broke it. As you do :S

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