Oh dear, once again with the pissedness

Shit, once again I find myself inebriated and that I have unfortunately difficult to control fingers. Thank God for the delete key.

OK, so tonight I have been out with my sister with a couple of her friends Carol and Sandy. We had a lot of fun, but mostly when we got to the Bier Markt which is a rather excellent beer seller in the middle of Toronto.

It’s a very nice, popular bar in a busy part of the city which provides the visitor with a large selction of beers. Primerily I found myself drinking La Maudite which is a locally produced beer (in Ontario) with 8% power that almost put me on the floor. It tasted utterly magnificent too.

My last beer was of the stupendous La Fin Du Monde which might possibly be the finest beer that I have ever drunk. At 9% it’s rather strong but so drinkable. My fingers are in awe of it’s qualities, and are having difficulty just typing this (I’m a bit pissed).

So, in retrospect I’ve had a fantastic night, with excellent company and wonderful beer. I should go to bed immediately before I start typing utter bollocks…

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