Ogg Vorbis on iTunes

I rip all of my music into Ogg format. I do this because I like to support the Open Source community and I also like to be different. The MP3 format is old hat these days and some of the newer file formats are proprietary. I prefer to use applications, and even operating systems, that are free (not necessarily as in beer) and community driven.

It’s a bit odd of me, then, to be trying to get Ogg Vorbis working with iTunes. Unfortunately Last.fm doesn’t seem to support plugins for any WIndows-based Open Source players and I’m stuck with XP on my work laptop. I’m currently using Mediamonkey to play my Ogg tunes, but this has no Last.fm plugin, so this is where iTunes comes into play.

Thankfully there’s a project at Xiph.Org to create a Quicktime plugin for Ogg. This enables me to configure iTunes to play my Ogg tunes and to upload my tracklists to Last.fm too.

I’ve installed it so we’ll see if this works.


Well, it seems that I can actually use Mediamonkey with the Winamp plugin. I’ve installed it and it seems to work so perhaps I don’t need to use iTunes at all.

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  1. Yes. I got this message:

    “domain ‘toxic-web.co.uk’ found on service blue-search.net”

    No idea why this is. I think there may be problems with that service. Or you’re just a spamming bastard 😉

    Hang on, I’ll get i back

  2. You should be OK now that your first comment has been published. MT will recognise the “previously published” domain and email and adjust the scoring.

    Anyway, I really like MediaMonkey. I’ve not used it much for ripping or burning CDs but it has loads of features and it’s totally free.

    I’m not convinced that it’s better than iTunes as such, just different.

    It’s worth downloading it to try it out anyway.

    You want to rip ALL your CDs? How many do you have?

  3. Can’t remember which email I used in that post now 😀

    Never thought about using any Apple software ;¬)

    Yes all of ’em, got a few, did try to catalogue them with some software a bit back for insurance purposes but got a few hundred in looked how many there was to go and gave up.

  4. It seems not bad, but does struggle when you right click .flacs to “Play in MonkeyMedia”

    Your “Recent Tunes” are making things easy – Bon Jovi and non Ozzy Sabbath, though didn’t know you liked the Ramones.

  5. Heh, I’d selected my entire collection to play away to itself while I was elsewhere this weekend, just to populate my playlist a bit and get some “neighbourhood” tunes suggested etc. Yes, there’s some crap in there too.

    I’ve just acquired the Ramones anothology and listened to it all, hence why they’re top of the list at the moment. Rather good too!

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