Of Owls and Thoresby Hall


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What a lovely day Sunday was eh?

We spent Sunday afternoon over at Thoresby Hall, near Rufford Park north of Nottingham. We wanted to get out and about and as we’d not been there before we figured it was a good place to try out.

It turned out that there was a Craft Fair on this weekend. I’m not a huge fan of these but there’s always something of interest on and somewhere to get a Hog Roast Sandwich with apple sauce and stuffing. I like a bit of stuffing.

Some of the craft is a bit old-fashioned for me but there were things of interest. We saw some nice kids toys and I’m always a fan of sweets and pies. There were lots of those.

My favourite activity there was the falconry demonstration. There were two separate groups showing their rescued birds and I managed to get a fair few photos of hawks and owls. My favourite was this one shown here. The falconer had got a large line of kids to sit on the grass while he flew this gorgeous owl over their heads. I was lucky to get this almost in focus – it’s a complete pain in the arse to point and focus my 75-300mm lens in the right direction for a fast-moving object like this!

Still, it was good photography practice. The evening saw us in our local Wetherspoon’s pub taking advantage of the cheap food and Old Rosie’s Cloudy Scrumpy. Well, I drank the cider – Jo had to drive home. Cider counts as a fruit portion right?

Looking forward to some more nice weather. More owls would be nice too.

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