Of new watches and potential babysitting

I’ve had a quieter day today here in lovely Toronto, but entertaining nonetheless.

We’ve been shopping where I got a bargain watch – 33% off a Casio jobbie then a further mystery 50% off for no fathomable reason that I could see. The woman at the counter in The Bay seemed to suggest that I was getting that extra money off because I was a visitor to the country, but why they would do that I have no idea. Not that I’m complaining. I now have a $119 watch for less than $50 cdn!

It has a stopwatch so that I can tell how interminably slow I am when I go for my irregular runs. This is important for me to gauge how unfit I am, rather than just guess at it. I suspect I have a way to go in that respect.

I also learned today that I may end up with the responsibility of looking after my youngest niece for three hours or so on Wednesday. My sister works voluntarily in the local school, where my eldest niece also goes to preschool. This means that either J goes to visit her local, friendly child-carer or Uncle Davey has to worry about shitty nappies. Naturally I’m not too enamoured with finding out what horrors await me should J decide to have a huge dump in her nappy but I’m almost prepared to take the risk.

I’ve also practised my trumpet today, the pocket trumpet that I’ve brought with me so that I can keep my lip in and practice the test piece that we’re going to play at Lemmington. I’m sure my sister’s neighbours appreciated my little serenade.

One photo for the diary. The weather hasn’t been too great so far but some sun is promised soon. Here is a picture I took yesterday of Toronto City Hall:

Toronto City Hall

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