Now I’m a hippy

My transformation into a tree-hugging hippy is almost complete. This afternoon I took a trip out to Asda to do my weekly grocery shop. I like my food, but lately I’ve been wanting to eat a little healthier than just my usual diet of pizza (bad) and pasta (not so bad), and so I’ve bought more vegetables and pulses than I would normally. In fact, I bought some lentils among other things.

I’ve not eaten lentils before and I notice that they take about 30-35 minutes to cook, so they’re the antithesis of my usual easy-cooking outlook, so they’re going to be an interesting addition to my diet. They’re a nice colour and I’m intending to add them into some of my usual dishes, such as tuna pasta for instance, along with some vegetables and chilli. I’m going to avoid the squirt of mayonnaise I always put in there and just stick to the olive oil.

I almost decided to experiment with cous-cous, but I’m not feeling quite that brave just yet. I did buy some brown rice, seeing as I like rice and the brown stuff hasn’t had all the goodness ripped out of it as compared to the white stuff.

My interest in healthier eating has been trundling on for a while now, considering that I’ve been eating more rubbish that I’m used to. I feel a bit bloated, I’ve put on a bit of weight (though not so much to worry about) and I want to feel less lethargic and more energetic.

I watched a program on the telly the other day called “You Are What You Eat” and it concerned this 20-stone kebab-munching slob from Leeds, my home town. This guy was hopelessly overweight and this program aimed to give him a new eating regime that not only lost him the weight, but gave him all the nutrients he needed to be healthy. In four months he lost nearly four stone and he never ate anything that, to me at least, looked boring. Lots of strange pulses in there, a few bean casseroles, but all things that I’d consider eating.

So, I’ve decided that I want to be healthier and I’m going to eat more veg and less shite. I’m not going the whole hog, I still believe that it’s OK to eat a little of what’s bad for you, but I’m going to stop buying the bacon cobs in the morning (well, mostly) and take a healthy lunch with me, rather than buying a pasty and a chocolate muffin like I’ve been prone to recently.

I’m also going to be drinking more water and going for the odd run. I’m yet to do any exercise, but I really do intend to. Honest.

Anyway, now that my hippyness is almost confirmed I suppose I’d better stop washing and wear sandals.

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