I should be fat

Not so slim after all

It has come to my attention that I probably shouldn’t describe myself as “slim” anymore. For my entire existance I’ve always been on the slightly emaciated side of skinny, especially during my teen years where my height increased dramatically and my weight did not. When I joined the RAF in 1988 at age 18 I was officially the skinniest person on my intake from 65 people – I was 6 feet 2 and only just over 10 stones (140lbs) in weight.

These days, however, I am not so lightweight. Age has slowed my metabolism and so my voracious appetite has resulted in me gaining a little bit of extra padding. I’m nowhere near “tubby” but at around 12 1/2 stone I’m not so skinny either.

In fact my BMI puts me in the “Normal” range. Well, it’s good to be normal at something, but it does mean that I should probably describe myself as having an “average” build rather than “slim”.

It’s just as well that I usually eat fairly healthily, otherwise I’m going to turn into a right porker. Now, where’s that bacon sarnie….

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