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Not so pickled after all

I did my best to get sozzled tonight, but I have failed. The bus took an age to get into town, then the bars all seemed to have big queues to get served. This is probably good news seeing as I have a band practice tonorrow morning that I have to get my lazy arse out of bed for.

Patrick and I headed into town at about 8 o’clock – Pat is one of my housemates. He hates buses (they’re beneath him apparently) and I can see why. The Rainbow 5 bus we got on was fine apart from the lack of leg space between the seats. I’m tall and Pat is a nearly as tall as me, but wider in the arse department. We were a little squashed. At least the bus was clean, but it just had to stop at all these bus stops on the way into town to let other people on. Bastards. We lost beer time but gained beer tokens (if we compare the cost of taking a taxi).

We got there and we headed for the Canal House which is a very interesting theme pub indeed. It’s right on the canal (natch) and has a couple of longboats inside the pub in a little watery alcove, ready to launch. We met a few friends in there including unfeasably tall housemate Keith, and we imbibed a few bottles of Corona, complete with limes in the top to keep the flies out. There were a few oggle-some ladies in here so we may have to revisit soon.

We then headed for Ha Ha, which is a bit of a trendy bar just up the road from the Canal House. It’s OK but it was packed and they played all this trendy dance music stuff which I’m not a big fan of. I don’t tend to like pubs like this – they’re not my thing. I much prefer quiter bars where you can actually hold a conversation and yet still get to look down the tops of attractive women.

My quieter pub requirement was sated in Opium, a Chinese themed bar. I drank some Tsingtao beer, a product of China from the Qingdao region. Ashereley comes from there, the spotty oik. It tasted OK.

We finished up in Bluu, where more Tsingtao was consumed. By this point it was nearly 11pm and both Pat and I needed to be up tomorrow morning so we left. I have band practice, poor Pat has to go to work – on a Sunday!

Good night in all. There were plenty of young ladies in town, inappropriately dressed for winter, which is always good. We had spring rolls and chips for a snack when we got home and a cheeseburger from the cheapo van in town before that. It’s funny how you can consume almost your whole bodyweight in food after a few beers!

  1. What a coincidence, last night I also drank Qingdao beer, I downed four 1.5litre pitchers of the stuff, each pitcher works out at 19p here!

    How much do you pay for a bottle there? Were you drinking tall boys or the stubbies?

  2. Ash, I thought of you when I bought that beer 😉

    It was the 330ml version and cost about £2.50. Robbing bastards they are in these pubs. It tasted better than a lot of the other stuff actually, better than I thought it was going to be anyway. I may have to drink some more.

    The Works sounds interesting – might have to pay that a visit too 🙂

  3. Ash has been outed as a gay blog reader – or maybe he just checks his referrers. 😉

    Luckily, I don’t have this problem.

    Oh shi

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