Not quite pissed

I’ve been out for a few beers with my sis and I have a nice little buzz going. Not too much mind – we weren’t out long enough for that – but we’ve had a nice time. It’s always good to catch up with family over beer, and my sis is always good company.

We ended up in the beaches area of Toronto in a bar called Stoney’s, where she drank Stella and I tasted some of the local brew – a nice red beer from Labatts called Mick’s Red. I don;’t think it’ll win any awards or anything but it went down very well indeed. I could have gone for the Leffe but as gorgeous as it is I do tend to fall over a lot after drinking that. Plus I like to taste the local stuff wherever I go.

Anyway, some beer was had and a pizza slice eaten on the walk home. A good evening.

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