Not all photographers are sex pests

It seems like nary a day goes by without reports of some poor photographer having his collar felt for taking part in their hobby. Boing Boing have this particular subject close to their hearts and are regularly reporting on incidents where people with cameras are finding their days spoiled by suspicious-minded idiots.

Last month South Shield’s premier blogger Curly spent a few minutes having to explain himself to some policemen after taking some photos at a funfair. There were children playing on the dodgems and some local made the logical assumption that Curly intended to molest some of the poor dears and called the police.

To the Peelers’ credit, however, they quickly determined that our photographic protagonist was, in fact, an upstanding member of the British Public and let him go. Unfortunately there’s still some semi-panicked moron in the area seeing peadophiles at every corner.

Where is this going to end? Why didn’t this person just as Curly why he was taking photos rather than assuming the worst and called the feds? Why are photographers seemingly becoming the latest object of fear when people should be more concerned about people they actually know.

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