Northern Ireland

Queen Victoria

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I’ve had more holidays than usual this year, and I’ve just got back from my last one of 2006 – a short visit to stay with friends in the spectacularly beautiful Northern Ireland.

We stayed in Antrim, which is nice in itself, but we were lucky enough to be taken on a trip out to the north coast. If you’ve never been there then I highly recommend a visit, because I can’t remember seeing a more beautiful coastline. We visited the famous Giant’s Causeway and that was very interesting, but it happens to be on a really special part of the world. Go and see it for yourselves.

I really like the people up there. Everyone is really friendly – you can be walking along the street and complete strangers will just say “hello”. It’s quite strange to behold, but it just makes the whole place feel really safe even if there are still a few issues between various factions here. There are some very colourful characters about and I got to meet a whole bunch of lovely, friendly Northern Irish folk.

I’ll post a few more entries about this when I have the time, but you can always click through the photo on the right and explore my Northern Ireland photo set for the time being. I’ve only uploaded 146!

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