No poo on my fingers

I’ve had an eventful day today. This morning was possibly the most stressful day that I’ve had since, I don’t know, Saturday. I was tasked with babysitting my little, baby niece for a whole three hours! A three hour period that might require me to do things that I’d rather not do.

Thankfully, I was blessed. There was no shitting and she was an angel for the whole time. Dora the Explorer seemed to provide ample entertainment for an hour of that and we also had a nice time in the park. She enjoyed her time on the swings, although the lazy cow wouldn’t push me in return.

The afternoon saw me take a nice long walk downtown. It was a lovely day – very sunny and rather warm for the end of September. I trotted off down there in my shorts (commando!) and took a few pics along the way, especially of the impressive CN Tower (allegedly still the world’s tallest building).

Actually, I’ve just been Googling. Apparently, the CN Tower really is the current “World’s Tallest Building and Free-Standing Structure” according to the Guinness Book of records. Wikipedia backs this up. I could have sworn that something taller had been build since 1976 but apparently not, or rather any taller structures are either not free-standing or even buildings.

Anyway, I took a few snaps along the way. Here’s a couple. The first is an image of the CN Tower (I’m a bit of a fan):

CN Tower

The second is a nice image of a theatre in downtown Toronto that has a lovely backdrop of large buildings:

Downtown Toronto

I’ve uploaded more in the Gallery, and I’ll be adding to it throughout my holiday

  1. You thinking of the Sears building or the Petronas Towers ?

    The Burj Dubai is expected to be bigger than the lot by some distance.

  2. I was thinking of Petronas, but the CN Tower is still taller than that.

    It shouldn’t be about the length though – girth is more important 😉

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