No more squinting

Bless my Visa card. It’s just forked out for a new 19″ TFT screen from Samsung, a lovely little number as bought from ebuyer. It arrived this morning in the back of a van. I even got up early to make sure that I didn’t answer the door in my pants.

It’s brilliant! The display is as clear as a really clear thing, and there’s no ghosting or visible lag at all. I’ve watched a short extract from my Alias Season 3 DVD and that’s pretty faultless too. I’ll be able to watch all my fruity movies from the comfort of my bed without having to squint from now on.

I didn’t notice a DVI cable in there so I may have to get myself one of those, but it’s working well enough using the normal analogue adapter. My World of Warcraft game looks much more colourful now, though as the screen is so much bigger than my crappy old 17″ CRT I can see all the artifacts in the graphics. Still looks lovely though.

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