No kids for me thanks

Well, I’ve been here is lovely Canada for two days now, and I’ve now had sufficient experience with my two nieces to decide that I don’t want any children of my own thanks.

Naturally, I’ve met children before. Lots of people have the little bastards and they’re all over the place screaming their heads off and being obnoxious. That’s not to say that my two little nieces are particular bad – they can be lovely, especially the 7 month-old. The older one, three next month, is gorgeous and a real character, but bloody hell, she’s hard work.

I like life to be easier than that. I don’t want the responsibility of looking after a baby Rutty. Bollocks to that, if I want to play Half Life 2 or go for a beer I will, I don’t want to have to think about formulas or whether I have enough Calpol in.

Major respect to those poor bastards that have kids. Populate the world to your heart’s consent, but please don’t make me procreate 😉

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