Nice one Parcel Line

I was expecting the arrival of my new mobile phone yesterday, but it never arrived. I figured that it was probably just a day late, so I didn’t sweat it – I thought that Monday delivery was a bit ambitious as 3 had only phoned me on Friday afternoon offering me the upgrade.

However, I got home today to find no sign of the expected failed delivery notice. I phoned 3 and they confirmed that it was sent out and that the phone was with Parcel Line. No problem, they gave me the consignment number so I could chase it up. I looked on their website and they had actually tried to deliver it today but had left a deliver note (lying bastards!) and taken it back to the depot.

I phoned them up to find out what was going on. I tried to arrange a different delivery address but I would have to go though 3 for that, and I was buggered if I was going to wait any longer. I thought about going to pick it up but my closest depot is in bloody Leicester! I’d have to drive all the way over there from Nottingham to pick it up. Sod that too. I’m waiting in tomorrow to pick it up after arranging an off-set day shift with my boss.

Why can’t there be a closer depot? Leicester is MILES away! It’s not like Nottingham is a small city or anything. Citylink have a depot near to here, as do other parcel deliver services, so why can’t Parcel Line?

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