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Niagara Falls

Water, water

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How bloody impressive are the Niagara Falls eh?

This was my second visit there but the Falls still took my breath away. The first time I went was in January a few years ago and as the river was frozen over the Maid of the Mist wasn’t running. This time we boarded the famous Falls tourist attraction that takes you right up to the base of the larger, Canadian waterfall.

We were drenched, but standing on the deck of the boat at the base of the falls is absolutely spectacular. The sheer force of the water becomes all too apparent when you’re right underneath it. If you ever go to Niagara Falls the you really have to do this.

The American side is a little boring in comparison but still impressive. The yanks must be a little upset that the bigger, and most spectacular, waterfall is in Canada.

We weren’t too lucky with the weather. We’ve been here nearly two weeks now and this has been the only day where the sun didn’t come out. Even more galling was the fact that the sun peeked out while we were on the coach heading back to Toronto, so none of my Niagara photos show much blue sky at all.

I fly back tomorrow too so Flickr can start breathing more easily after the strain I’ve placed on their servers with my increased uploading. I’ve taken over 600 photos so far and uploaded about 170 or so of those. Hurrah for digital cameras!

  1. So – you’ve moved on from phallic symbols to gigantic gushing wet holes.
    A step in the right direction I think.

  2. wtf? you were in the falls and didnt go to lundy lane? that where all the good strip joints are. jeezus h. man, how much damm water can ya watch pouring over a rock?
    also the american side does suck, but they got casinos and hookers. damm, rutter, i lived in the holiday inn there for 2 months solid, had the time of my life and i dont think i looked at the falls more than 5 minutes the whole damm time. but i did see alot of pu-na-neeee

  3. All I remember about Niagara Falls is the water being very green. I’ll see if I can dig out a picture of me on the Maid of the Mist, I know I have a few somewhere along with the significant other.

    Did you go into the Tunnel thing as well?

  4. Nah, didn’t do the tour behind the falls – apparently they’ve really hiked the prices up of that, and I’d done it before anyway.

    You can see the green in my photo above but as it wasn’t particularly sunny it didn’t come out too well. Click the image and it’ll take you to Flickr where the rest of the photos are.

    I bloody loved that place – I’d go again for sure

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