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Newsvine launches

My latest internet favourite has just launched. Newsvine is an excellent news-based community for discussion on any news story that you can find. The site automatically feeds in AP news and users can “seed the vine” with stories from any resource themselves.

I was lucky enough to get an invite in to the beta phase and have thoroughly enjoyed reading and commenting there. So far there’s a good, diverse bunch of posters and commenters and hopefully the quality will be maintained now that the site has gone live.

I’ve inserted a script into my site in the sidebar that inserts my latest seeds into Newsvine. I tend to find some odd bit of news somewhere and seed that or I’ll seed some British-related news to try and get some none-US news in. Much of the news is a US-oriented at the moment but as everything is tagged you can usually find stories that are more relevant to you.

Give it a go.

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