General Chunterings

New Home

I’ve just moved my stuff into a new house. After my recent separation from my wife, I’ve been staying with some friends and have led a slightly nomadic life over the last two months or so. Firstly Mike had the pleasure of my company for a few weeks, for which I’m eternally grateful. I then had a flat to myself for three weeks thanks to a mystery benefactor – cheers fella. The last week I’ve been staying with top fella Dave, who’s plied me with alcohol and made me all stiff (due to exercise) – huge thanks Dave.

I’ve finally got somewhere more permanent from today. It’s an attractive terraced house near where I work in Beeston, Nottingham. I’m sharing this house with three other guys – Patrick (who I’ve met) and Duncan and Keith (who I haven’t). It’s really convenient for me as I can walk to work (only a 20 minute gentle stroll) and it’s cheaper than renting a place on my own. The house is lovely, tidy and well appointed, with Sky TV! Sadly I won’t have the internet, but then that does give me an incentive to get out more.

New start. Here I go…

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