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New camera needs testing


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I recently treated myself to a small gift – a new Canon EOS 400D. OK, so it’s been put on the never never until I can pay it off, but I really, really wanted one. So I got one.

Consumerism out of control!

Well, obviously I needed to take it for a test run, so I went for a stroll down to Attenborough Nature Reserve this lunchtime. It’s a lovely place for a walk and I can just about get to the outskirts of it and back during my lunch break.

I kind of wished that I had sturdier shoes – all the rain has made it quite muddy – but I managed to get a few shots off with both my 50mm f1.8 II lens and my Sigma 28-70mm jobby too.

I have a lot to learn. For some reason, when I had the camera on Aperture priority mode, most of the photos came out with a blue hue to them. Not sure why – maybe it was the light conditions at the time, but whatever I did wrong I did take a few that came out well enough.

The one above is my favourite so far. I’m really loving the 50mm lens the most – should be great for portraits and low light stuff.

No doubt my girlfriend is going to be bored over Christmas while I spend all day/night photographing everything that moves, and some things that don’t.

I love it though. It’s such a great camera.

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