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Neglecting my favourite things

I’ve been neglectful recently of a couple of my favourite things: photography and my blog.

I’ve managed to insert a couple of posts on here recently but I still need to get back in the blogging  saddle properly. Hence this post, plus it’s a good excuse to have a go with the new admin interface in WordPress.

I can insert photos straight from Flickr. Like this one:

Another sunset

This was taken back in Holyhead in September. I’ve hardly taken any photos at all since, although I was pleased to take some portraits for a friend yesterday. I need to get my camera out far more often than I do – I love my photography.

  1. Good to get some visuals back on your blog! We must have been in Banbury on Sunday at the same time it seems, but didn’t spot each other 🙁 Anyway Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year to you and Jo from Me and the Men

  2. Ach! Well, hope you are all well over there.

    Al seems to come up in conversation regularly – like when we need a decent engineer 😉

    Merry Christmas to you all too

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