Nasty personages

There are some rotten sods on the internet.

Over the last two weeks I’ve had a few problems with this blog. These issues have been caused partly by the incompetence or laziness (or both) of people sharing my hosts server but also by the desire of malware writers to infect users’ PCs.

I was “hacked”. My site managed to acquire some extra javascript in a few files which caused visitors to be redirected elsewhere. This new site was designed to download malware, or “badware” if you prefer, onto your computer. This is not a good thing and coincided with a weekend, over which I did not have any internet access. I didn’t notice the attack until someone I know on-line sent me a message wondering why Google hated me.

Google has a very welcome feature that identifies sites providing malware downloads and my site was flagged up. People visiting here using Firefox were presented with a bright red page giving a warning about suspected viruses. Google also, for a time, identified my site as being possibly dangerous.

I’ve sorted out these inserted scripts and Google has reassessed my site as clean. However, I should urge regular readers (if there are any!) to run a complete virus if you’ve been here over the last two weeks and noticed any odd behaviour. I’m sorry if anyone has been affected as I should have noticed it sooner.

My site host has sent out a warning that this has been happening on a number of their servers. They suspect that the attack has been carried out by some unscrupulous bastard taking advantage of some out-of-date scripts used by some accounts. I only use wordpress on here and it is always kept bang up to date. Hopefully this will not happen again but I’ve taken some extra precautions against something similar happening.

In other news, I’ve noticed that it’s been over two whole months since I last posted. This cannot be! I’ve been a little busy with moving house (again), OU work and having to commute to Coventry for work but surely I should have posted  more frequently. I promise that I will try and do so from now on – I certainly have lots to say but perhaps not don’t have quite the same amount of internet time that I used to.

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