I’ve been playing my cornet now for over thirty years. This seems like a long time, bloody hell it really is a long time, but there are still plenty of things wrong with my technique that I need to sort out.

My two main problems relate to stamina and my upper range. I really don’t last very long at all (hmmm, sounds like other areas of my life) and I have trouble playing the high notes. When the Midlands Area contest rolls around next year I’m going to have to be playing the odd top D (thanks Howard Snell!) and as the piece is quite long (Images of the Millenium) I’m going to have to work on both of these things.

Our principle cornet has given me some exercises to do that will help to develop a stronger lip and aid in my ability to play those screamers. All I have to do now is find the resolve to actually practice the bloody things.


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